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What did I do for Halloween in 2015?



I wore a red plaid Lolita style dress with short petticoat and white tights. I added a light sweater after dark, because October.

There were so many incredible dresses in this and other dollie like styles! I spent a bit too much time looking (For real!) and lost out on a few I loved because they sold out closer to Halloween.

When looking, if you find that elusive combination of style, size availability and price, I recommend getting it before it's gone!

Victorian Porcelain Doll

If you're planning a Doll costume, please check out the links I've included to an assortment of finds to inspire your own custom Victorian Porcelain Doll costume. 



Doll-esque black patent mary jane pumps, black hair bow and white pearl necklace, all of which I had already. I purchased a black lace parasol, for more character embellishment.


Make Up

I went as a non-broken doll with porcelain white skin, rosy cheeks and heart shaped lips. I had those weirdly long doll lashes ...Imagine it Mama, Mama...creepy.

I had a lot of inspirations, check out my Costume & Halloween Pinterest board, Masquerade.


The Times

Halloween 2015 I had just begun an amazing relationship! October was a fun time, I'd send pics of my costume preparation and makeup practicing. He was very encouraging...I was watching the signs lol.


Halloween 2015 was amazing!

I enjoyed dolly-ing myself up and falling in love. 

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