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What did I do for Halloween in 2014?



I wore an emerald green 1950's esque swing style dress paired with a tattoo / pinup style sweater with graphic cherries on the back.

There are many great options available online, this costume is easily doable. And if you're like me, you'll rock the swing dress on the regular (with sweaters and other cute cover ups)...so it's not a costume, it's a useful clothing item! SOLD!

In that sense, what really matters is fit, so be sure to take and use your measurements when ordering.

When looking, if you find that elusive combination of style, size availability and price, I recommend getting it before it's gone!

I Love Lucy / Lucille Ball


I wish I had a full length shot, but I guess I don't, LOL!


Please check out the links I've included to an assortment of finds to inspire your own custom Lucille Ball costume!



I kept it light with retro black patent mary jane pumps and a black silk scarf tied around my neck, both of which I had already. 


Make Up

I kept my makeup to a day time look for a hot redhead. Having actually been a redhead the prior year, I had all the goods on hand. I donned a red 1950's "housewife" wig that I hadn't used yet in my costume stash.

I had a lot of inspirations, check out my Costume & Halloween Pinterest board, Masquerade.


The Times

Damn Halloween 2014... I had, quite literally, just started a new job just 2 weeks earlier. That and a recent move had me consumed with stress. So much so, that I hadn't really thought of Halloween until it was there! Loving Halloween as I do, I was pretty bummed about it. The night before, my then boyfriend cheered me on to make a costume with only what I had.

It was a very holistic costume creation! This costume was 100% shopped in my own closet and costume collection. It reminds me that, creativity and spirit matter more to celebrating in costume than spending a lot of time or money! And getting discounted costume items right after Halloween pays off in the long run!


Halloween 2014 was great! I reignited my creativity and introduced myself to my new coworkers in Flirt with Flavor style!

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