A few items I'd like to put out there regarding this site & blog:

I am a mostly self taught person...well it's more like I've been lucky to learn from some amazing people throughout my lifetime! I like figuring out each life challenge as it pops up...as if any of us has a choice LOL! I'm documenting this process here to pass along my experience, share the lessons I learned and make you laugh.

I am NOT formally trained in the culinary arts. Just a regular person, cooking whatever I feel like.

I am NOT a formally trained hair therapist, make-up artist or esthetician. Just a regular person, applying product and styling whatever body parts I feel like.

I am NOT a formally educated personal trainer (ha!) but will take a crack at rehabbing my own regime anyway...or not.

Any reviews are 100% true of my experience with the product being reviewed. If a reviewed item was provided without cost to me, I will always let you know in the review itself.

This site participates in affiliate marketing services, in this case, if you use a link to purchase a recommended product/service I may receive commission compensation. Affiliate links like these will be identified in the posting language.

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