Fall Awakening

Mr. Kitty Coco and Lucy get a dose of fall.

It was a beautiful day, fairly warm for mid-October at nearly 80 degrees. These two were sunning on the balcony, just relaxing. Then it seemed like something in the air stirred them up!

It filled their lungs with autumn and their eyes with interest. 

Mr. Kitty Coco excitedly sniffs the fall air.
Mr. Kitty taking it all in...
He's adorably into it...that's all I'm sayin'.
Lucy Button and Mr. Kitty Coco breathing in the essence of fall!

Lucy Button and Mr. Kitty Coco breathing in the essence of fall!


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I was snapping shots of their excitedness when one of those,

"I wish I was taking video"

moments happened...

Mr. Kitty was sitting, staring over the back area, contemplating the seasonal shift (I presume) when Lucy approached, full of excitement! 


She inhaled, tossed and adored the couple of leaves around Mr. Kitty, then left them both behind. 


Mr. Kitty stared at those leaves trying to understand what was special about them! Sniffed and poked at them, REALLY thinking about it...

Pet Lover Hoodie

It was so unexpected!

I love the shots of Mr. Kitty Coco right after Lucy took off! 


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Lucy Button happily soaks up the sun!

Lucy Button happily soaks up the sun!



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Equality for All!

We each deserve to be treated as equals. That can mean a lot of different things to different people because of their circumstances. Wherever the divisions in your life, do not allow others to tell you that you don't deserve to be on the same footing. You do!

If the relationships you are in demand that you do as they say, but not as they do - you can stand your ground and say, No - we both should abide by these guidelines. You are worth holding the line! 

A person who cares about / loves / respects you (not just loves having you and what you provide them) would want there to be equality between you.


One of THOSE Days

Oy, friends! It's been a day... the biggest fiasco, you ask? 

WELL. I haven't worked out in a while (let's just say forever cause a date is that difficult to pin down) but today, my sexy BF and I actually get to the gym and put in 30 mins (Me/Elliptical and He/Treadmill). Sounds great, no? It was until I retrieved my phone from my usually very safe and dry booby pocket (Yes, I frequently store my phone in my bra...totally normal) only to find it's a might sweaty (ew!) and the screen is weird with crazy pixilation (Oh NO, please God NO!)

There it sits in a bowl of rice...aforementioned sexy BF used to work for Apple and told me it has to stay in the rice for 48 hours! WHAT.

So long story short...No pics of my curl prepping today! Tragic! Plus I was gonna do other stuff too! we'll never know now... I can't even take a pic of my phone in the bowl of rice for dramatic visualization! BIG hopes that once it comes out of the rice everything will be a-ok!

How do you deal with THOSE days?