Flirt Made It - F&W's Melt-In-Your-Mouth Shortbread

So I was HARDCORE craving something sweet and didn't want the creation of said sweet to take a ridiculous amount of preparation time.  Read that to mean, I wanted something sweet, FAST!  I went to the trusty internet to see what it had to say about FAST & SWEET.


I'm not totally sure why but my laser focus was right on COOKIES. Driven by this singular inspiration, I went with "Fast Cookies" for my search. As anticipated, there were many delightful offerings...Many Chocolate chip recipes and of course I love the classic fast Peanut Butter cookies but I'm almost out of PB so that was not going to happen.

Oh yeah, this caught my eye! I rabidly skimmed the list for the top contenders. While a few sound like they've got future fast cookie test potential, I decided on the Melt-In-Your-Mouth Shortbread.

With just 5 ingredients, these are essentially MAGIC. Yes, ok! They do have one fast cookie flaw in that your butter needs to be at room temperature...which takes time unless (you've got a hack for that of course!) However (outside) of the butter temp situation, these are incredibly FAST and deliciously SWEET.


They were just the sweet, tasty treat I was after!  Mind you, mine are just a tad over done...per the simple and easy instructions they should be just barely brown on bottom with white tops and sides.  In spite of a bit of over-brownage (LOL) I say again, these cookies are AMAZING...


I am OBSESSESD with Nielson-Massey Madagascar Pure Vanilla Paste in all my sweet baking. It really is the best and truly makes all the difference in this and every recipe I use it in... I bought a large volume bottle myself because the quality of this vanilla is impeccable. I wish you could taste these!

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End Result

The Melt-In-Your-Mouth Shortbread fully lives up for it's name! They are light, crisp and so very tender, with just the right sweetness and ultimate vanilla-ness!