I'm finally with it, friends! My Volupties JULY 2017 delivery brought my panti-verse into sync. My booty size and my Volupties size are now ONE.

I couldn't be happier!

I ordered 3 pairs of 3X panties – Pictures, details & Flirt with Flavor Fit Rating below:

1 boy short

·         The pattern and color of the material is beautiful. The lace is soft with a bit of give. This pair fit nicely!

1 hi cut

·         I liked the look of the delicate lace inset over the hip bone area. The remaining material is a semi-silky feeling black knit with a fair amount of stretch. This pair is also a fit.


1 hipster

·         Fabric feels silky, in a print mixing faded grey and pale aquamarine in an antique wallpaper/textile design. These are my favorite of the 3, as the fit was the best and the details are lovely!

JULY 2017 - FWF Fit Rating is 100% - 3 of 3 fit! 

3 of 3 pairs knickers received with this Volupties delivery fit nicely, for a FWF Fit Rating of 100%.  After a few off months (in terms of fit only) I found I had the wrong size chosen in my Volupties no wonder, right? No matter! Volupties made it quick and easy to update the size option and before I knew it, BAM! It's next month and I am once again delighted by this awesome service! Still one of my favs! 

Photography below provided by

Splendies / Volupties is a subscription & gift service that sends 3 pairs of undies to recipients monthly. You can select an open ended monthly subscription, or opt for a 3, 6, or 12 Month package. You also choose your preferred styles - no thongs, all thongs or surprise (mix of styles) options.

·         Splendies (Sizes S, M, L and XL)

Pricing ranges from $13.99 for the Monthly Subscription to as little as $13 a month for the 12 Months option. 

·         Volupties (Sizes 1X - 3X)

Pricing ranges from $16.99 Monthly Subscription to as little as $16 a month for the 12 months option.