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I really enjoyed ipsy's APRIL 2017 delivery! I received 5 diverse make up, skin and hair products items, plus the cute bag! Pictures and details below:

The Bag

·         This bag is full on FUN! In the shape bag of an old fashioned event ticket, complete with the word 'TICKET' boldly emblazoned and a ticket number as well.

·          It’s a bright pink/orange (almost neon coral) which has a sturdy vinyl-esqe feel on the exterior and soft, almost felt like inside. Bag closure of looped and branded exterior bag material.

H20+ Beauty – Elements Keep It Fresh Cleanser

·         I love getting a cleanser! Keeping my face clean is a thing I do, on occasion.

·         This is fairly hydrating and didn’t cause issue for my sometimes sensitive skin.

defy & Inspire – Wear Resistant Nail Lacquer

·         I really love the blue green shade, very mermaid… definitely a winner!

Glamour Dolls – Glamour Dolls X Lisa Frank Angle Blush Brush

·         The brush is pretty good quality...

·         Love the rainbow, Lisa Frank is always cute and fun!

ColorPop Cosmetics – Crème Gel Pencil

·         I like the copper shade, which went great with blue eyes.

·         The test application was smooth and lasted the night, so rock on there too!

Luseta Beauty – Volume reviving dry shampoo

·         Alas, I haven’t tested this one yet! Back in the days when I wore my hair straight most of the time, I dug an amazing dry shampoo but these days I don’t use them much.


Photography below provided by Photography


I LOVE this service! I have been subscribing for a while and have NEVER once thought of canceling it. It’s a very fun package to receive every month. And as a person who enjoys make up, this one is seriously for ME!

You provide your personal beauty like and dislikes, as well as color preferences via a beauty quiz to help ipsy decide what samples to put in your bag.  Don’t like lipstick or eyeliner, just let them know! And you can retake the quiz to fine tune any time!

Each Month You receive:

5 high quality sample products of high caliber moisturizers/cleansers, hair products and cosmetics

I have received some killer tools as well, such as blending sponges, tweezers and make up brushes. SCORE!

At $10 for all this, the price is right too!


There’s also a referral program to earn free ipsy bags! In fact - Here’s my referral link! IF you order using this link I’ll earn 250 points on my personal ipsy account.