Save on Big Bras for Big Boobs

If you’ve known me IRL at some point, you may have noticed this about me….

I’ve got big BOOBS and I cannot lie

(go ahead, sing along!) 

There’s a couple of things about being large chested:

Bras, Swimwear and Lingerie that fit well are not always readily available...

What is available can be pricey!


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I, myself, have gaped wide eyed at many a price tag… and usually given in because you truly can’t put a price on the support and comfort (not to mention the improved silhouette!) of an undergarment that actually fits.

But JEEZ, so expensive!

Something I do to help cut the extra costs (yes, of having big boobs) is to shop clearance. Constantly! Scoring 1-3 pieces on the cheap here and there can really help the bottom line. It’s a great way to find unique colors and style too...  

Figleaves US

I’ve had quite a bit of success over the years with Figleaves, doing exactly this! Especially with bras and swimwear! I love the diverse high quality brands they offer in my dimensions - Panache, Freya, Fantasie and more.


Here’s my starter list of items! 

I gathered a few Figleaves clearance items (in current my size) to demo! Next, I'd scrutinise each one for details (How many clasps in back? I want three...these babies are heavy!) to whittle the list down into budget range. 


I hope this strategy saves you money and you find just what you need!

Please tell me your secret ways to save and favorite brands for bras in cups DD+ - K in the comments!