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IPSY - MAY 2017

ipsy's MAY 2017 Glam Bag was a treat indeed; from the sweet bag (HA! I am so punny!) to the sinful highlighter! Check out the 5 make up, skin or hair products I received.

Pictures and details below:

The Bag

·         The bag is summer themed adorableness! Teeny ice cream cones and popsicles are lined up all over the clear material. It’s easy to see whatever you’re looking for and another big PLUS – it’s also water resistant!  Features sturdy black zipper for bag closure.


Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator - Exfoliating Cleanser

·         The exfoliating part of the cleanser was good; it feels like lots of small scrubbers in the product for a very thorough scrub. And it didn’t take much, maybe dime-sized dot to cover my face and chin (Remember to avoid your eyes!). My skin was smooth, however, it’s not super gentle, and left my face a bit red and blotchy.

·         The smell of this product in the tube is just a bit over the top for me…quite a strong floral note (Is that Jasmine?). Good news, it wasn’t as overpowering (Tolerable!) once I applied to my wet face.


Urban Decay
Afterglow in Sin

·         I am very happy with this one! As with a lot of Urban Decay products, the quality and lasting power of this powder highlighter are wonderful.

·         I can see the shade (Sin) becoming best make up buds with some of my usual favs.


Jelly Pong Pong
Supercharged Super Intense Eyeshadow Duo in Electric

·         The shimmery pink & brown neutrals are a great way to bring out blue eyes (like mine!) and the combo of colors means you can create a variety of different looks.

·         Another pro for this product is the cute compact which makes taking it along a breeze! The small turquoise & pretty purple compact is sturdy enough to live the purse life.  As you can see from the shots, Marilyn LOVES the built in mirror!


CAILYN Cosmetics
Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint + Velvet in #32 Practicable

·         The pink/brown shade (Practicable) is a medium neutral tone… It’s on the dark side, compared to my usual lip products.

·         The lip tint was easy to apply, very smooth with good coverage. It was just a tad sticky at first but then dried with none of that.  Kiss Test - my first kiss test (after 2-ish minutes) was only partially dry. This left some lip smudges behind and when they dried, it was difficult to remove! Makeup remover was necessary. So it seems like the staying power is good, as once it dried fully, it didn’t kiss off…


Royal & Langnickel MODA™
Royal & Langnickel Precision Angled

·         This angled brush provided nice and smooth eye shadow application and improved the control of applying at an angle (such as around the eyelid crease), I do believe it’ll be joining my makeup brush ranks permanently!


Photography below provided by FlirtwithFlavor.com


I LOVE this service! I have been subscribing for a while and have NEVER once thought of canceling it. It’s a very fun package to receive every month. And as a person who enjoys make up, this one is seriously for ME!

First, you provide your personal beauty like and dislikes, as well as color preferences via a beauty quiz to help Ipsy decide what samples to put in your bag.  Don’t like lipstick or eyeliner, just let them know! And you can retake the quiz to fine tune any time!

Each Month You receive:

5 high quality sample products of high caliber moisturizers/cleansers, hair products and cosmetics

I have received some killer tools as well, such as blending sponges, tweezers and make up brushes. SCORE!

At $10 for all this, the price is right too!


There’s also a referral program to earn free ipsy bags! In fact - Here’s my referral link! IF you order using this link I’ll earn 250 points on my personal ipsy account.



My ipsy's March 2017 was another winner! I received 5 items and since all the products this month were fairly coordinated (in a color sense, which is not very common) I went ahead and tested out several together along with some of my other regular products.

Pictures and details below:

The Bag

·         Square shaped bag in a light, creamy beige. The front is a repeated hour glass pattern in black & beige. Rose gold bag closure.

Skone Blending Brush

·         I used it to try out the DOUCCE Freematic Eyeshadow later on and loved it! Wonderful blending brush.

Curl Keeper Leave in Conditioner

·         I haven't yet, but I’ll test this one out and report back! As a curly girl with longish hair, I wonder in advance if this actually contains enough product to coat my strands.

Bahama Mama Bronzer by The Balm Cosmetics

·         This was a very flattering shade of bronzer and paired well with one of my usual blushes. I'll keep it around and see how it goes...I don’t usually wear a lot of bronzer but now that summer is almost here, the frequency of use may pick up a teeny bit.

DOUCCE Freematic Eyeshadow in Marisa

·         The hue is a beautiful pinkish bronze shimmer… it was a fantastic mix with some of my favorite shades. Another product I'll put into rotation, but I like the feel I get so far from this brand. 

PÜR Disappearing Ink 4-in-1 Concealer

·         Concealer is one of my makeup must haves so I love the chance to test drive new versions. However, for me this one was a little too orange-y in tone (I'm more of a pinkish pale person)

Photography below provided by HoodyBombsMusic.com Photography, along with some of my own shots and selfies.