I loved all three pairs in my Volupties delivery for April 2017…However, I have to say that I noticed the sizes of my delivery were not what I expected. Specifically, I expected 3X panties and was getting 1/2X. So I double checked my account details and sure enough I was wrong…I had selected 2X! I updated my info NBD… I ordered 3 pairs of 2X (this time) panties - Pictures and details below:

1 hi cut style

·         These did not fit, but if my booty were a 2X they might!

·         The quality of the material is good, feels durable and stretchy.

1 hi cut style

·         Love the wide, athletic undie style waistband and contrasting floral print

·         These almost fit actually, so close!

1 low cut style

·         Fabric feels silky and the lace edging is a nice modern detail.

·         This pair also almost fit, despite my sizing mishap


April 2017 - FWF Fit Rating 0% Fit Rating = None of the Three Pairs Fit

Again, this was because I selected the wrong size option in my Volupties profile so I’m going to reserve judgement on this delivery.


Photography below provided by HoodyBombsMusic.com Photography

Splendies / Volupties is a subscription & gift service that sends 3 pairs of undies to recipients monthly. You can select an open ended monthly subscription, or opt for a 3, 6, or 12 Month package. You also choose your preferred styles - no thongs, all thongs or surprise (mix of styles) options.

·         Splendies (Sizes S, M, L and XL)

Pricing ranges from $13.99 for the Monthly Subscription to as little as $13 a month for the 12 Months option. 

·         Volupties (Sizes 1X - 3X)

Pricing ranges from $16.99 Monthly Subscription to as little as $16 a month for the 12 months option.