A few months ago I noticed the first sign that I had been careless. I woke up in the morning, still full from the feast the night before and thought, "You better take it easy, you'll get carried away." 

I'll just get back on track, I told myself. I'd been there before and having lost the weight I knew that healthy diet management took regular attention. I KNEW and still somehow months later I woke up again and my mind already the truth, "Oh got carried away." 

So it's on me and accept it, I let these pounds creep up because I didn't stop them. This, as I said, is not my first rodeo. I spent the 5 years after my daughter's birth losing 100 lbs. It was a start-stop operation then and I expect it will be again...make some progress take a break, then back at it again. I learned then that anything you really want to accomplish you can, the trick for me was to own the obsession. In other words, in order to go all the way with something you have to be obsessed with it at a certain level. 

Join me in real time as I track my weight and body measurements, food choices and intake, and activity every week.